June 30, 2021

The Remarketing Remix: The “simple” method that turns content spectators into students

Why did you decide to wear that specific shirt today? Why not one with stripes or clowns on it?

I’ve always found it fascinating how people make decisions.

And how (specifically in marketing) people will overcome deep objections or defense walls to make decisions that marketers have convinced them to do.

Not exactly an easy task, if you ask me.

But there is a method to implicitly overcome objections by building up your social proof, authority, liking, and trust that will make enrolling in your school an easy decision.

A way to do this is through remarketing.

Read on to discover:

  • S.A.L.T -The 4 steps to convincing students that you are the ONLY choice for them (critical if you’re not the cheapest in the market).
  • A subconscious way of overcoming sales objections… before your sales team even talks to a student enquiry (but goes against most marketers “best practices”)

Business owners often think the purpose of remarketing is to close the deal, but honestly, it’s more about getting a student to know, like and trust you so that you’re their only option. Remarketing is more than just an image and a couple of words. It’s educating someone on why your organisation is unique, right for them and better than your competitors.
And most importantly, why this is the right opportunity for them, now.

First things first — you need to get these four “basic” steps down.

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The S.A.L.T step-by-step method to establishing your college as the ONLY choice for prospective students

S.A.L.T Remarketing is different from normal remarketing because it gets specifically crafted forms of content in front of your audience and subconsciously breaks down their resistance (in a nice way).

What the team and I do in remarketing is try to get different forms of content in front of qualified and interested people.
The more targeted content they consume, the more that solidifies your position as their only choice and leads them to your enrollment form.


Here’s the S.A.L.T Framework:

Social Proof is incredibly powerful and often really easy. You don’t need to be a marketing genius. You just need a happy student.

You’ve got a happy student, right? Good.

Put them in case studies, interviews, testimonials, screenshots. These can be videos about students, a meet and greet of staff around the school. Not on campus? Zoom works well too!

You could even do a visual like this:

So, if you have any Facebook reviews, emails, or messages from students, then you've already done the hard yards.

Congrats! You’re most of the way there.

Authority Building means backing up that you’re a leading institution with evidence like awards, highly qualified teachers and your grads as leaders, achieving in their field.

Then, you need to get people liking your college and content. This is the time to put a spotlight on the real people behind the business, the real faces of the students. I bet a heap of your talented students are coming to mind that would be perfect for content.

Show the spectator where they fit into your school and exactly what they’re going to get when they come on campus to study.

And it all ties together with trust. Trust will build over time, once the prospect has viewed multiple streams of content, over different platforms.

How to be explicitly implicit with objections; making enrolling students easier, (but goes against most marketers “best practices”)

Humans have natural defense walls when engaging with content that is trying to convince them to do something.

If they feel pushed, it manifests in objections.

But there’s a couple of ways I found to blast through those doubts. One way to overcome barriers is to explicitly state them. Using the objection of not having enough time to study, an explicit approach would look like “Hey, you need to study 20 hours a week for this course.”

Pretty basic, huh? Would that get you clicking or tuning out?
Honestly, it gets me snoozing..

A better way to handle objections is to be implicit.

But being implicit builds up your value, authority and trust in your business so that the viewers' defense walls are down and they don’t even have time for objections.

Using time as an example again, this could look like a video interview with a busy student, let’s say she’s a young mum. Let’s call her Samantha.
Samantha is saying “I thought it would be tough being a young mum but with the flexible courses offered, I was able to get qualified and spend time with my son.”

This addresses time as a potential roadblock and crumbles that thought immediately.

Here’s one our team came up with:

Your biggest asset is your biggest supporters, the magic of real, genuine people and the power of personality is unmatched.

P.S Here’s the easiest way to implement the S.A.L.T Remarketing

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Thanks for reading, catch you on the next one!

--- Steph from the LiveSwitch team

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