July 6, 2021

The RTO Landing Page Playbook

Have you thought about what type of landing page you should use?

Did you know that certain types of landing pages will likely grow your business more effectively while others have the opposite effect?

Out of the DOZENS, we’re going to look at the three kinds of landing pages we work with most frequently.

Read on to discover:

  • Imagery pages (critical for tapping into the emotional side of the decision-making process)
  • Educational pages (how to get a subtle leg up on your competitors)
  • Hybrid pages (the secret to getting “hard-sells” over the line). 

With so many options, how are you meant to know which kind of landing page is best for your business and your product?

Well, it depends on the product or service.

Imagery Pages (critical for tapping into the emotional side of the decision making process)

If your product or service is high-end, where the ‘look’ and ‘feeling’ of it plays a large factor, you may need to use an Imagery Page.

This is where your primary goal is to ‘wow’ your visitor, exciting them for your business and the product or service. They typically contain:

  • Large and beautiful images of the product
  • Skillful videos that convey luxury and class
  • Animation to keep the user intrigued

The images tap into the more emotional side of the brain. Emotion is what really drives the purchasing behaviors, and all decision-making in general.

The 'look' and 'feeling' of the product constitutes a significant driver in the buyers's purchasing decision, rather than a strict analysis of the price and features.

Educational Pages (how to get a subtle leg up on your competitors)

If your product or service is more pragmatic and comparable with your competitors, you may need to use an Educational Page.

This is where your primary goal is to educate your visitor and build their trust within this process. These pages typically contain:

  • Large blocks of useful and relevant information for the user and their issue:
    - Empathetic copy that ‘speaks’ to the visitor
    - Webinars and videos
  • Copy that builds your authority as an expert and someone that can help:
    - Social proof from customers

These types of pages are useful if you need to educate and convince your visitor before they make a purchase.

Hot Tip: If you are able to educate your visitor, then they will begin to believe that you or your product can help solve their problems.

This means they’ll likely buy from you!

We work with many service professionals and industry leaders, where trust plays a large factor in a buyer’s purchasing decision process.

We all know there are a lot of RTO’s out there, so you want to apply the S.A.L.T framework to build trust in your brand and ensure that your school is the only option for prospective students.

Here’s one of our educational landing pages:

Hybrid Pages (the secret to getting “hard-sells” over the line)

So, what about products that are a combination of these two?

In this case, a combination of strong imagery and information will assist in justifying your higher price point. They typically contain:

  • Large pictures and catchy videos
  • Exciting web animation
  • Image proofing (Celebrity Endorsements, photos of people enjoying their product etc)
  • Comparative information to competitors’ products and services

In this case, you have to ‘wow’ the visitor, whilst still convincing the more rational side of your customer.

This is when it becomes a bit trickier…

There needs to be a fine balance between imagery and relevant information.

As seen below, we have managed the trust building text with strong images and videos in between that appeal to both sides of the brain.

Is there anything else to consider?

Yes! The type of landing page only scratches the surface, and doesn’t cover fundamental things like:

  • Copywriting
  • Buyer awareness stages
  • Appropriate calls to action
  • Dozens of other variables (I won’t bore you with the details!)

P.S Here’s the easiest way to implement these landing pages

Now, the next time you have a look at your landing page(s), or the landing pages of your competitors, I’d like you to think.... 

Does this landing page suit their business? And is it appropriate for their products and/or services? 

Above all else - is this landing page effective at turning me (a visitor) into a paying customer? 

At LiveSwitch, we see lots of landing pages which may look nice, but contain lots of fluff and distractions which takes the user away from the main focus of the page.

They’re not using the right type of landing page for their product, or if they’s still not effective at making their business money.

We look at a LOT of landing pages everyday, and fortunately for you, we’ve gone through the ‘hard-yards’. 

We’ve made hundreds of landing pages, and we can make the most profitable landing page for your business. Get in touch with us today, and book a free 30 minute consultation. 


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You’ll see how we can not only optimise your landing pages, but optimise your digital strategy to get your business more leads and more money.

Thanks for reading, catch you on the next one! 

-- Steph from the LiveSwitch Team

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