Stand in The Shoes of Your Prospective Student

Effective education marketing is about know what messages (and proof) it will actually take for a prospective student or client to enrol in a course - and how to deliver those messages. 

Traditional education marketing funnels are highly reliant on email for lead nurturing. We take the contrarian view that Algorithmic Advertising allow you nurture (and close!) leads more effectively and at lower cost.


We dig into your college to understand what motivates your students, and what fears we need to alleviate. 

We want to understand your Customer Value Proposition at a brand level and a product level.


The barriers and objections that prevent a prospective completing their journey. 

How are we managing friction points? What is the role of marketing vs sales team? Volume vs quality?


Ensuring that you have the right triggers, and Calls To Action in place to get conversions. 

Triggers can add a sense of Urgency or Scarcity to you offering, depending on where the student is in the journey.


The Explore stage is where we get to understand your business, your customers, and your digital marketing. This is where we gather insights about your business and customers through many different sources. We also our BRAIN Framework to get insights into why your prospective students behave the way they do, and the opportunities this presents. Our Explore stage consist of:

Discovery tools setup

These tools will provide quantitative and qualitative data and insights into your digital marketing:

  • Review and configure your Analytics for real insights
  • Setup real Revenue Goals
  • Configure funnel & basic form tracking
  • Install customer video tracking software - see what your customers are doing.

Customer journeys and business objectives

We need clarity about your business, services, and customers. This is not a waffle-session. We have developed short-cut processes for getting to the meat of the issues. What we want to understand is your optimal student journey from, the first contact to enrolment.

Analysis for opportunities

This is a deep dig into your digital marketing to find weaknesses and leaks, that represent opportunities for increased revenue. Our process includes:

  • Technical analysis
  • Funnel analysis
  • Channel analysis
  • Form drop-out analysis
  • Configuration of micro-conversions goals (and value attribution)

Our goal at this stage is to find where the potential barriers and blocks are to the customer journey.

Funnel development

Short funnels?

The more moving parts the more likely a machine is to break.

We work with you to develop the simplest marketing funnels that will actually work.

Some of the funnels we've developed in education, training and coaching are:

  • Simple Lead Generation (with Remarketing)
  • Two-Step Lead Generation (Qualification)
  • Content Re-Marketing Funnels
  • Free Webinars / Paid Webinars
  • Free Trials / Paid Trials (with auto-upgrade)

Let's talk about the funnels that are going to deliver the best results for your college.

Find out what funnels are going to deliver the best results for your college or business. Book in a 30 minute call with a senior digital strategist. 
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